So you're on the hunt for a new member of staff......

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Obviously, you want the best candidate, but how do you go about finding the perfect person?  Is placing an advert enough, or does outsourcing recruitment offer good value for your business?


Hopefully by the end of this blog, you’ll find the way forward!


Consider your Budget

Put simply, advertising costs less than out-sourced recruitment. If you’re on a tight budget it’s a great, cost-effective way of finding a wide range of candidates. At The Orkney Employment Consultancy our advertising spreads your job as far as possible – in print, online and via social media - and we make sure all our registered candidates can see your advert via our job alerts service.


So, why would you choose recruitment? Recruitment is more expensive, but you get extra expertise and importantly greater candidate insight.  We build strong relationships with our candidates and understand their commitments, aspirations and workplace fit – information you can’t find on a CV – significantly reducing the chance of a bad hire, or worse, overlooking an excellent candidate who might not be selling themselves as well as they should be. 



Is time on your side?

If you have the time and knowledge to run a good in-house recruitment process then our advertising is a great option for your business. It will make the filtering process a breeze, with great candidates to select from. 


Limited time and resources often results in a poor recruitment process, leading to candidate drop-out or worse a costly bad hire. Outsourcing your recruitment means we dedicate the time needed, ensuring a smooth and efficient process thereby minimising your chance of losing the best candidates to your competitors.



Does recruitment fill you with dread?

With your own in-house HR specialist, comprehensive advertising is likely to be all you need, unless it’s a particularly difficult role to fill (in which case it’s worth checking to see if we have someone suitable on our books). 


However, if the very process of recruitment fills you with dread then it’s definitely time to call in the professionals, as your lack of enthusiasm will most certainly come across and turn-away your future candidates.  Your recruitment consultant is your specialist to call on throughout your campaign without you having to budget all year round for their professionalism and expertise. 



Is what you’re doing working?

If your standard approach to recruitment has not been getting the response you needed, then we’d always recommend trying our recruitment services. This could help showcase the benefits of a more targeted approach without breaking the bank. You would be able to compare the response rate, the quality of candidates and the end result, helping you make better informed recruitment decisions in the future.

So, in a nutshell, advertising is best if;

  • You’re confident with recruitment
  • You enjoy the process
  • You have the time it requires
  • You’re on a tight budget

 And if none of the above describes your situation then you definitely need to outsource the process and make sure your feelings about recruitment don’t put off your best candidates!



If you’d like to discuss our advertising or recruitment services and find out how they can benefit your business, get in touch via email or phone 07886115839.







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