Our Services

At The Orkney Employment Consultancy we are passionate about supporting Orkney based businesses of all sizes seeking to recruit the best possible staff.  We'll help you find employees who are committed to living and working in Orkney and contributing to the success of your business and the wider community.  


Vacancy Advertising

Our Vacancy Package allows you to quickly upload your job advert directly to the Orkney Employment Consultancy website. Alternatively, you can send it to us and we’ll place it on the site for you. 


Whatever approach you take, we offer the best possible coverage for your advert. We’ll email it directly to all of our candidates registered for job alerts, post it on our social media pages and list it in the local newspaper. We’ll also include it in our fortnightly boosted social media posts.


Our website offers an instant upload to Google Jobs and also links directly to a global network of jobs boards, giving your vacancy the widest possible exposure. 


You can select whichever candidate application method suits – email, company website or in person – and save time and money by including downloadable application documents. 


Applications come directly to you, giving you full control over the selection process.




Permanent, Fixed Term & Temporary Recruitment Services

Whether you’re seeking full-time, part-time, permanent or temporary members of staff, our hands-on service is designed to connect you with the very best candidates.


We pride ourselves on building strong candidate relationships and spend time assessing skill set, personality and aspirations, giving you the confidence that you’ll be getting not only the best candidates available, but people well suited to your position (and island life) – whatever the requirements.


At the start of every recruitment process we take the time to understand your company culture and key requirements, before developing an optimum sourcing strategy. More often than not, we’ll have the right person in our rapidly expanding and diverse candidate database, ensuring an efficient and smooth process.


For any vacancy that requires a very specialist skillset, where we don’t have candidates available, we’ll collaborate with our network of sector specific recruiters and ensure you attract people who possess exactly what you need.


Our temp services offer simple and flexible staffing solutions, providing cover at short notice for absences, holidays, and those periods where you just need an extra pair of hands. You can set the length of assignment and we’ll take care of contracts and running payroll.




If you have any questions about the services offered by The Orkney Employment Consultancy, or would like to find out how we can support your business, please contact us.